The Top 5 Reasons Why Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football is the Best in New York

If you’re looking for the best high school football team in New York, look no further than the Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team from Somers (Lincolndale). The Tuskers have consistently been one of the top teams in the state, and in this blog post we will look at the top five reasons why they are the best. From the team’s impressive history of success to its highly talented players and coaches, there is no denying that the Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team is the premier team in New York. So read on to find out why the Somers Tuskers are the best in the state!

A Proud Tradition of Winning

The Somers (Lincolndale) High School football program has a long and proud history of success, with the Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team leading the way. For years, the team has been one of the most successful in New York, winning multiple state championships and consistently placing in the top 10 nationally. The team has been built on a foundation of hard work and dedication to the game, and this attitude has paid off with multiple winning seasons over the years. The Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team has created a winning culture and a legacy of success that extends far beyond the school grounds. This winning culture has made the team one of the most respected programs in the state, and it is something that all students can be proud of.

A Diverse Group of Players

The Somers (Lincolndale) High School Football program is comprised of a diverse group of players from all different backgrounds and areas. The coaches at Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football take the time to get to know each of their players, which helps create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. The team has players from all over New York, representing a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. This allows the coaches to bring different ideas to the table and work together to build a successful team. The diversity of the team also allows them to be creative in their strategies and tactics on the field. This wide range of perspectives helps the Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football excel and remain one of the best teams in New York.

A Creative Playbook

The Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team is known for its creative playcalling and unique offensive schemes. Their playbook is filled with inventive plays that keep opposing teams guessing. The team has had success with a variety of formations, including the single-wing, double-wing, spread, and zone read. These formations allow the offense to adjust to different situations on the field and give their players the opportunity to use their unique skillsets to their advantage.
The coaching staff puts in countless hours designing and developing new plays that can be used in any game situation. They understand that each game presents a different challenge and strive to find ways to maximize the potential of their players. With the creativity of their playbook, the Somers (Lincolndale) High School Football team has been able to remain competitive in their conference year after year.

A Strong Defensive Line

The Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team is known for their strong defensive line. The talented group of players have made the defense an integral part of the team’s success and a major factor in why they are the best football team in New York. The defensive line is comprised of experienced seniors and underclassmen who work together to make sure opposing teams can’t break through. Coach Robbins and his staff have implemented a unique defensive scheme that ensures every player on the field knows their role and can execute it effectively. This allows the team to focus on taking away the big plays while limiting the damage of the opposing offense. The Somers (Lincolndale) defense has created many memorable moments over the years, including last year when they held their opponent scoreless in all four quarters of the state championship game. They are a fierce and intimidating group that will undoubtedly continue to carry the team to success for years to come.

Passionate Fans

The Somers Tuskers Varsity Boys Football team is lucky to have a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. The people of Lincolndale, NY, and the surrounding area come out in droves to show their support for their beloved team. On game days, fans line the bleachers and show off their creative signs and cheers for their favorite players. It’s not uncommon to see alumni returning for games, proudly wearing their old jerseys with their former teammates’ numbers. Even when the Somers (Lincolndale) High School football team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl, their fans are still some of the most passionate in the state. They don’t miss any games, and they’re always there to cheer on their Tuskers, win or lose. The school and community spirit of Somers (Lincolndale) High School football team is something that truly makes it the best in New York.


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