Reasons Why the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football Team is the Best in New York

The Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football team at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York has been a top-ranked team for years. With hard work and dedication, the Dutchmen have proven time and time again why they are the best football team in the state of New York. In this blog post, we will be discussing the reasons why the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football team is the best in New York.

The Rich History of Erasmus Hall

Since its establishment in 1786, Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn) has been home to many successes and accomplishments. Today, the school is best known for its Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football Team, which has consistently been one of the top teams in New York.
Erasmus Hall has a rich history of excellence. Founded by Dutch settlers, it is the oldest public high school in the state of New York and the second oldest in the entire United States. The school has a long legacy of producing successful alumni, including Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and Academy Award nominees.
Throughout its history, the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football Team has been a consistent source of pride for the school. The team has been playing since 1890 and won its first championship in 1897. Since then, the Dutchmen have had multiple winning seasons, including two undefeated campaigns and two state championships. Additionally, they have produced a number of professional athletes, including NFL Hall of Famer Dick Lynch.
The Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football Team is an important part of the school’s legacy, representing decades of success and excellence. It is this legacy that makes Erasmus Hall the best in New York.

The Outstanding Coaching Staff

The Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football team is incredibly lucky to have Danny Landberg as its head coach. Coach Landberg began his tenure with Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn) in 2009 and has since been the driving force behind the team’s success. He brings a wealth of football knowledge and experience, combined with an unwavering dedication to the players and the team, that has been instrumental in building up the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football team into the powerhouse it is today. He leads by example and inspires his players to strive for excellence both on and off the field. Coach Landberg is always pushing his players to be the best they can be, both physically and mentally. His passion for the game and dedication to his players makes him one of the most respected coaches in all of New York.

The Dedication of the Players

The Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football team have been known for their dedication and commitment to their sport. Every practice, every game, and every off-season activity is done with a drive and passion that can’t be matched by other teams in the area. The players on the team have consistently demonstrated the kind of work ethic that has earned them numerous awards and accolades.
The players of the Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn) football team are also active members of their community. They frequently volunteer their time to help those in need, serve on student committees, and participate in a variety of community events. They take time to mentor younger students and act as role models for those around them. The dedication of the players is one of the main reasons why Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football is the best in New York.

The Support of the Community

Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn) is proud to have the most dedicated and supportive community of any football team in New York. The Erasmus Hall Dutchmen Varsity Boys Football team has been blessed with strong support from local residents and business owners. Whether it’s showing up for games, cheering from the sidelines, or donating to the team, the community’s support has been integral in the success of the program. Local restaurants have provided pre-game meals for the team, while businesses have donated supplies and equipment to ensure the players are able to compete at a high level. Moreover, Erasmus Hall has benefited from generous donations from alumni and members of the local community, providing the necessary resources to continue to grow the program and succeed on the field. It is clear that the success of Erasmus Hall is due in large part to the incredible commitment of its local community.


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