Why St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football is the Best in the State

St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football is renowned as the best in the state. The team has consistently won championships and produced some of the most successful athletes in the state. From the intense training to the camaraderie among the players, St. Anthony’s has been setting the standard for excellence in New York high school football for many years. we will explore why St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football is the best in the state.

A Rich History

St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football has a rich and storied history that dates back to 1931. Founded as St. Anthony’s Juniorate by the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn, New York, the school was designed to be an all-boys preparatory boarding school for prospective novitiates. Ground broke on the Juniorate’s new facility in Smithtown, New York in 1933, and the first five students graduated in June 1935.
In 1949, the Franciscan Novitiate moved from Smithtown to Wyandanch, New York, but St. Anthony’s still remained in Smithtown. In 1958, the Juniorate expanded into a day school to serve the boys of the nearby towns, and the school began to grow in size to its current population of nearly 2,500. The end of the juniorate program in 1969 was followed by a substantial increase in the percentage of student athletes at the school.
Today, St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football is one of the top football programs in the state and continues to produce great players every year.

A Winning Tradition

St. Anthony’s (Melville) High School has a proud tradition of success on the football field. Over the years, our teams have racked up multiple championships and countless tournament wins, making us one of the most decorated high school football programs in the state of New York. This tradition of excellence dates back to the 1930s and continues to this day. We believe that our championship-winning pedigree is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our players, coaches, and alumni. Our football program is a source of pride for the entire St. Anthony’s community, and we are committed to upholding our winning tradition for years to come.

Excellent Coaching

St. Anthony’s (Melville) High School Football is proud to have one of the best coaching staffs in the state. The head coach, Rich Reichert, brings his decades of experience and knowledge to the team, and assistant coach Frank La Barbera provides the kind of expert guidance that is needed to reach success. Their ability to bring out the best in their players is unmatched in the New York area, making St. Anthony’s (Melville) High School Football a perennial powerhouse. With their commitment to the highest quality of training and coaching, St. Anthony’s (Melville) High School Football is an elite team with a long-standing legacy of success.

A Passionate Fan Base

The passionate fan base of St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football is renowned in the state. On game days, the stadium is packed with supporters decked out in St. Anthony’s colors and cheering on the team. There is a strong sense of pride among students, alumni, and parents that creates an electric atmosphere. The spirit and enthusiasm of the crowd has been known to push the team to victory on numerous occasions. They are always there to lift the team up when times are tough and celebrate the victories. The dedicated fan base at St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football makes the games something to look forward to and brings a level of energy that can’t be matched by any other school in the state.

Superior Facilities

St. Anthony’s (Melville) New York High School Football is proud to boast some of the best facilities in the state. With state-of-the-art artificial turf and new scoreboards, St. Anthony’s offers its athletes the best environment possible to compete and practice. Additionally, St. Anthony’s has a large and spacious locker room equipped with showers, lockers, and washers and dryers for athletes to use before and after games. Furthermore, St. Anthony’s has access to an exclusive weight room, which is used by both coaches and athletes to help develop strength and speed during the off-season. Finally, St. Anthony’s boasts two high-tech training rooms with medical staff present at all times, as well as an impressive library and study area for students to use. All of these superior facilities make St. Anthony’s New York High School Football one of the best programs in the state.


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