Utica High School Football Rankings In 22-2023

The top 14 Utica Rankings in New York high school football for the 2022-23 season are a mix of powerhouses from different regions of the state. As expected, Adirondack (Boonville) leads the pack as the number one team in New York high school football Utica Rankings. The team’s remarkable performance last season has earned them the top spot. Dolgeville follows closely at second place, while Whitesboro (Marcy) rounds up the top three.

Proctor (Utica) is another team that has impressed fans and experts alike with their solid gameplay. The team occupies the fourth position on the list. New Hartford and Mt. Markham (West Winfield) take up the fifth and sixth places, respectively. Overall, the NYSPHSAA High School Football Utica Rankings provide a helpful guide for fans to keep up with the best teams in New York high school football. It will be exciting to see which teams rise to the occasion and make a run for the state championship title this season.

It is worth noting that the competition in the top ten is intense, and the teams in the lower Utica Rankings should not be underestimated. Each team has its strengths and weaknesses, which could prove decisive in upcoming matches.

Overall, the NYSPHSAA Football Top Utica Rankings 22-2023 has accurately captured the best teams in New York high school football. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how each team performs and if there will be any shifts in the Utica Rankings.

Utica High School Football Rankings

Final Rankings as of 12/17/2022.

1# Adirondack (Boonville)
2# Dolgeville
3# Whitesboro (Marcy)
4# Proctor (Utica)
5# New Hartford
6# Mt. Markham (West Winfield)
7# Lowville
8# Little Falls
9# Oneonta
10# Cobleskill-Richmondville (Cobleskill)
11# Clinton
12# Sidney
13# Bainbridge-Guilford (Bainbridge)
14# Herkimer


It’s important to note that the Utica Rankings may change throughout the season based on team performance and competition. These Utica Rankings serve as a guide for fans to follow their favorite high school football teams and track their progress throughout the season. We look forward to an exciting and competitive season of high school football in New York. READ MORE: New York High School Football Rankings


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